The Process of Selling a Home

Here’s a step-by-step checklist to make sure that you home sells fast – and for top dollar. It outlines what you need to know, and which questions to ask. It’s just another reason that Roy Wheeler clients are among the best-prepared to succeed in this market.

The Decision to Sell Your Home

You and your family have come to the decision that it’s time to move. That’s the first step. The next step is choosing the right realtor to sell your home.

Moving Out of The Area: The Relocation Process

If it’s a move to another city or state, contact Roy Wheeler and request assistance in your destination city. Roy Wheeler Realty Co. is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the premier Real Estate Relocation Network which helps thousands find their way around new cities every year. The process goes like this: Once you’ve told Roy Wheeler about your relocation, the Relocation Director kicks into high gear. They research and contact a carefully-screened broker in the target city. That broker then matches you with a top agent whose expertise you can rely on. (These kinds of referrals are traditionally only given to the most experienced professionals). The agent then calls you to discuss your particular needs and prepares for your visit. They can address all your questions that you’re sure to have in relocating to a new area.

Moving Locally

If you are moving within the same area, the Roy Wheeler Agent who helps you with the sale of your current home can also show you properties that meet your needs. You’ll appreciate working with someone who already knows you and your family.

Time to Get Prepared

Now it’s time to get prepared. Your Roy Wheeler Agent needs a lot of information about your home to get started. They will likely want to see things like the deed, appliance warranties, mortgage payment book, tax bills, assessments, Homeowners’ Association fees, restrictive covenants, or any guarantee or legal documents about the property. This saves time and makes you aware of the various obligations that may be on your home. Warranties and guarantees for recent work done on the house may also increase the home’s value in the eyes of the buyer. After the Roy Wheeler Agent arrives, give them on a tour. Show them the special features that you have enjoyed since prospective buyers will likely find those elements interesting too.  Give them the opportunity to speak truthfully about the things you should do to get your home in the proper condition, not only inside but outside as well.  Creating "curb appeal" is so important. You know your home and neighborhood better than anyone else: this is "inside" information that gets homes sold fast – and at the right price. Remember, the relationship you have with your agent is a partnership—you are working together to establish the marketing plan that best suits your property. The more information you provide the quicker that partnership will result in the successful sale of your house!

Setting the Right Price

Here’s something to remember: Most sellers find it difficult to place a price on their own home. Often they’ve spent hours on improvements like painting, decorating or landscaping. This can lead to an inflated assumption about the true current market value. Price determines the final net proceeds you’ll receive for your home – but it’s not the only factor. Other elements include: seller financing, having your loan assumed, or allowing for quick possession. These can all be factors that impact your net proceeds. So where do you start? First, ask questions. Second, have your Roy Wheeler Agent to provide a Comparative Market Analysis. This critical report shows other homes like yours that are now on the market or have recently sold. Do not underestimate the importance of this report. While some of the information can be gleaned from public sources, the best source of information is your Roy Wheeler Agent’s experience in selling homes similar to yours. They can identify key distinctions within your neighborhood that can be worth thousands of dollars to you. Talk to your agent. Take time to adequately review the Comparative Market Analysis and discuss your concerns. Armed with this information, you and your agent can arrive at the right asking price for your home under current market conditions.

The Marketing of Your Home Begins

Your Agent then places your home’s details into the local Multiple Listing Service computer. That’s the most widely-used system by cooperating Realtors who have buyers in search of homes. In addition, your Roy Wheeler Agent ensures that your home is seen throughout dozens of websites, including the Roy Wheeler Realty Website.

How Roy Wheeler Agents’ Marketing Gets You Top Dollar
To ensure the sale of your property a Roy Wheeler Agent provides aggressive marketing for your home. Here’s a sample of their services:

  • Notifying buyers with a Roy Wheeler Realty Co. FOR SALE sign in your yard
  • Providing an exclusive tour of your home for other Roy Wheeler Agents
  • Conducting an open house for the public (and following up with the leads that it generates)
  • Placing print advertising in the media – on average – once every three weeks
  • Conducting direct-mail and word-of-mouth buyer campaigns
  • Creating eye-catching brochures for buyers
  • Capturing outstanding digital and print photographs of your home for print and electronic advertising
  • Placing your property on the Roy Wheeler Website
  • Hosting a Realtor-only Open House
  • Calling neighbors for possible buyer leads

Throughout all this, the agent keeps you informed about the progress of the marketing plan.
The Charlottesville and Central Virginia real estate Roy Wheeler Agents are the most prepared and well-trained professionals in the area. Rest assured that they work with you on a plan to market your home until your home is sold.

Your Roy Wheeler Agent will provide you with all of the required documentation necessary for the Listing and Sale of your property. They will also explain, in detail, what paperwork is necessary and review this documentation with you. In the Listing of your home you will sign such forms as:

  • A Lead Based Paint Disclosure (for homes built prior to 1978)
  • Disclosure/Disclaimer
  • Home Warranty (if desired)
  • Listing Agreement

We trust that in very short order you will be presented with a Contract for the purchase of your property. This contract will be written by your Roy Wheeler Agent, another Agent with the Company, or a cooperating Realtor within the Multiple Listing Service. It will be presented to you by your Listing Agent. We can provide you with a sample blank contract in advance so you can familiarize yourself with this aspect of the transaction and ask any questions you may have. The Contract will include information regarding down payment, price, financing, inclusions, exclusions, inspections and closing date. After you review the entire offer you have to decide to either accept the Contract or change some part(s) of the offer and send back a counter-offer. You may also want to reject the offer outright. Discuss your options with your Agent. As a professional they can advise you as to how to best negotiate without losing a qualified buyer.

The follow-up

You have now received a copy of the completed Contract. There is more work to be done to assure you of a successful closing on your home. Your Agent will follow-up all of those details that culminate in THE CLOSING!
  • The Buyer may want certain inspections completed on your house. They can include a Building Inspection, Pest Inspection, Radon Test, Water Test and Septic Certification.
  • The Buyer will apply for their mortgage.
  • The Lending Institution will send their appraiser to your home.
  • A Title Search will be completed.
  • The Buyer may want a new survey done on the property.
  • Just prior to Closing the Buyer will probably do a final walk through of the house.
  • Your Roy Wheeler Agent will be with you every step of the way. They will be in constant communication not only with you, but with all those individuals involved in completing the most important Real Estate transaction… YOURS!

The closing
At Closing the Seller provides the Buyer with keys to the house and the Seller receives a check representing the net proceeds from the sale. At this time, review and ask questions about anything you may not fully understand so this settlement is a rewarding and pleasant experience. The monies you receive can then go to the purchase of your next home or for any purpose you want. We want this final step to be wonderful, and through good consumer knowledge and an Agent who cares, it will be. Roy Wheeler Realty Co. takes pride in the professional services we offer and we look forward to working with you and your family today and in the years to come.  For more information or if you want to contact someone to come evaluate your home, please email us at