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Keswick, , offers some of the most beautiful farms and rural settings in all of Virginia. The New York Times famously wrote that the drive through Keswick, Virginia “has often been cited as one of the most scenic in America.” For hundreds of years, Keswick, has offered some of the most beautiful farms and rural settings in all of Virginia and has been considered one of the most desirable places to live in Virginia – and the United States, for that matter.

The main reason Keswick real estate owners love their properties is that very little new development has taken place over the several decades. In fact, prior to the 1990s, there had been virtually no new developments since the original plantations of the 18th century were built. Of course, these days, some new developments are making their way into the Keswick real estate market (commercial and residential). However, any new development in Keswick is very carefully examined by Albemarle County. The Keswick Club and Glenmore both offer buyers higher ranged homes for sale with golf, tennis, and impressive clubhouses relaxing or entertaining.

If you’re interested in joining this prestigious and beautiful community, the Keswick real estate agents at Roy Wheeler Realty Co. are pleased to help you find the best-fit Keswick home for sale. Looking for a Keswick home with a picture-perfect view of the Southwest Mountains? We’ve got it. Maybe you’d prefer a plantation that overlooks Keswick Vineyards? We can help with that, too. Then again, you might enjoy being in close proximity to Keswick Hall, the town’s club and golf course.

Whatever your interests may be, our Keswick real estate agents will make your dreams come true. Roy Wheeler Realty Co. has been operating in Charlottesville and Keswick for more than 85 years. When it comes to Central Virginia, nobody knows this region like we do. Our main office is located in historic Ednam Hall in Charlottesville. Plus, we have an additional three offices located throughout Central Virginia.

Browse through our listing of Keswick homes for sale below. You’ll find multimillion-dollar homes with 5,000+ square feet, as well as more moderately priced 3- and 4-bedroom homes. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to give our team a call at (434) 951-5155. Chances are, we might know of a Keswick home that hasn’t yet been listed on the public market. If not, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled in the event that the type of Keswick home you’re looking for does become available.

Give us a call today and learn for yourself why our team at Roy Wheeler Realty Co. is able to enjoy an almost 99% customer satisfaction rate. We guarantee that you’ll love your Keswick real estate experience!

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