Why Buy Now?

There are lots of reasons for buying property. You may be a first time home buyer or a family looking for a larger (or smaller) home. Perhaps you simply want to change neighborhoods. But what about the timing?

It may be your home and your castle, but it is also your money and your investment. And there is never a bad time to make a good investment. For the majority of buyers the best answer to timing is now.  Listen to this podcast to hear a couple recent buyers share why buying a home was the right thing to do

Charlottesville and its surrounding communities continue to prosper — as they have for years. Home prices are as low as they have been in 6 years and interest rates continue to hover around 4%.  These two factors make considering to buy a worthwhile exercise.

The area has become a destination for those who seek a balanced lifestyle – whether it’s Northerners looking to escape the cold; companies, government agencies like NGIC or DIA, or defense contractors to support them are relocating or expanding their firms to the region; or retirees attracted by the climate and culture.

So, there is no time like the present to purchase a home that increases in value with time. A number of Roy Wheeler clients sell and invest in a new home every 3-5 years, allowing them to afford their "dream house" years before they had thought it feasible. Others buy a home where their mortgage payment is equal to what they could rent if they needed to move.  That way, they can keep the property and make it into a long term investment. To learn more about why investing in Charlottesville real estate click here.

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